Portraits, landscapes, still life
in charcoal, pastel and oil
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My art is strongly influenced by my cultural background, and is based on classical drawing techniques developed and honed in a traditional Russian School of Art.
My preference is to draw from life -
portraits, still life, and plein air landscapes/seascapes -  with my preferred mediums being
 oil, pastel and charcoal. 
I am regularly approached to undertake commissions for private portraits, and to date have completed literally hundreds of sketches.

Nowadays, when so many artists simply rely on copying static images and photographs, I am proud to demonstrate my creativity, imagination and technical skills in drawing from life freehand!
From 30 October to 12 November my works will be on show at the exhibition "Colours of Rockhampton" in the Kern Arcade, East Street, Rockhampton.

This is a collaborative project of '3Ps', a union of Painter (myself), photographer (Pam Garven) and printmaker (Roxanne Brand). The exhibition will be open every day from 10am till 4pm. Opening night - 1 November 2017, 5:00pm-7pm. 
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About me
I was born in a small Russian town on the Black Sea Coast. My natural aptitude for drawing and painting was noticed at an early age by my father who then took me to a well-known local artist for individual private lessons.  As I progressed in my artistic skills, my father decided to place me in the Regional Art School. Here I was able to further develop my artistic ability, and a few years later I graduated from the Art School with a Gold Medal.

My academic training has been as an ecologist and environmental scientist. I have two Masters Degrees in
Applied Science from both Russian and western universities.  While most of my life I have devoted to science and education, art has always remained my life’s passion.

My latest solo exhibition "All road go to Rockhampton" at the Rockhampton Art Gallery in April-May 2017 included a range of selected works completed in various media - oil, pastel and watercolour - showing some of iconic and less known local scenes. 

You can view some of my art at Mi-Art shop, East Str. Rockhampton. 

My paintings are advertised for sale on , the biggest artist online marketplace in Australia. If you go there you will be able to see my latest paintings and drawings. The prices on that website include a 30% commission plus postage and insurance expenses. I welcome your direct contacts.